1. Acosutic Mineral Fibre Ceiling Board
2. Gypsum Board
3. Gypsum Block
4. PVClaminted Gypsum Ceiling Tiles
5. Cacium Silicate Tiles
Acoustic Mineral Fiber Ceiling
Gypsonite acoustic mineral fiber ceiling board is a kind of high-grade construction decoration material which has so much performance, sound absorption, fireproof, thermal insulation, mould-proof, sag resistant, energy-saving, environmental protection. it is widely used in indoor ceilings in airports, corporate offices, restaurants, hotels, petrol pumps etc

Metric Size:595mm x 595mm
Thickness: 12mm till 21mm
Edge Type: Square & Tegular
Colour/ Design: As per product catalogue

Square Edge, Tegular Edge, Concealed Edge, Super Concealed Edge, Adhesive and Nails

Special specifications/ designs can be supplied on special order.
Mineral cotton as the main raw material, filled with perlite for materials, modified starch binder, a one-time news for the pulp fiber reinforced materials, by adding additives, the pulping, the substrate made of high temperature and high pressure , the substrate by embossing, such as perforation of processing, surface primers, spraying with a decorative materials. Surface roughness, smooth, pure color, no colourdifference, design variety, sound absorption, fire resistance, moisture resistance, heat insulation, sag resistance, class A decoration materials.
We are a mumbai based firm engaged in distrubution and reselling of gypsum products in various forms. Over the years we have developed a strong domestic as well as export market across the globe.

We provide three types of gypsum board including regular board, fire-resistant board and water-resistant boards. The boards we offer are made in an eco-friendly manner with the use of best quality gypsum rock, water and recycled paper makes these not only eco-friendly but also highly efficient for acoustic & fire preventive constructions.

Our Products could be used in places such as super markets, dining rooms, hospitals, auditorium. The quality of our products has been always recognized in domestic and overseas market. overseas market includes America, India, South Africa, UAE, East Africa, Middle East, Asia and so on.

Waterproof ,damproof,moisture-proof, heat-prevent
Lightweight, thermal insulation,easy to install.
Lower maintenance costs ,easy to be replaced
Comfortable and clean
This blocks are made up of plaster, light in weight yet can bear heavy load. No more lintels, special connection angles, sub-frames or profiles to fasten wall loads. GYPSONITE block can handle them all.
GYPSONITE blocks, however, breathe in and breathe out. Due to its high macro porosity, GYPSONITE blocks can breathe in and out – they absorb and release the stored moisture when conditions change.

Waterproof ,damproof,moisture-proof, heat-prevent
Lightweight, thermal insulation,easy to install.
Lower maintenance costs ,easy to be replaced.

GYPSONITE Blocks make the walls alive and create comfortable environment.
PVC gypsum ceiling tile is made of high quality paper-faced gypsum board with a layer of PVC on surface and aluminum foil on its back. It is a environmental friendly, light weight, high quality, fireproof, waterproof and corrosion-resistant decorative ceiling board.

It can be widely used in high fireproof and waterproof requirement environment, such as hotel, hospital, school, house and factory etc.

Technical performance
Materials: Gypsum Board
Surface: PVC Aluminum Foil

Allow Dimension Difference:
• Length <2.0mm
• Width <2.0mm
• Thickness <0.5mm
• Weight Kg/ m2: < 6.5kg/m2
• Strength: Break Load>150N
• Containing Water Rate: < 1%

Fireproof Class: Class B1
Meet the standard: GB8624-1997
Moisture Requirement: Under 90%
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